If your home has a fireplace, keeping up on its maintenance is incredibly important. One of the most crucial maintenance issues is keeping the chimney clean and free of debris and soot build-up. Understanding why Seattle chimney cleaning is so important can help you stay on top of fireplace upkeep and ensure your home’s safety.    

Improve Air Flow 

Keeping your chimney clean is the best way to improve airflow through the fireplace, increasing efficiency and safety. When your chimney is choked with debris, vegetation, and even animal intrusion, slow-moving smoke causes sticky and flammable creosote to build up. A clogged chimney isn’t just a fire hazard – it can even cause dangerous carbon monoxide to be released into your home. 

Creosote Fires

A chimney that hasn’t been cleaned in some time is at risk of soot build-up, called creosote, to ignite and burn at high temperature up inside the chimney. Designed to withstand smoke – not fire – chimney liners can expand and crack, releasing fire into the attic and other flammable areas. This kind of hot fire can quickly spread to the roof and other areas of the home. 

Need Seattle Chimney Cleaning?

If you think you may need your chimney cleaned, call MK Home Services for an inspection. The trained and experienced technicians at MK use advanced technology to inspect and accurately assess the condition of not only the interior of your fireplace, but the exterior, too. Providing chimney sweeping, gas fireplace service, dryer and kitchen vent cleaning and air duct cleaning throughout King County, MK Home Services offers services to meet any ventilation need your home has.

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