The air inside your home needs to be clean and pure if you and your family are going to lead happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, your air ducts are a magnet for dust, mold and mildew and when they get dirty, the air in your home suffers. Knowing some of the signs that you need air duct cleaning services can help you act quickly. 


If you notice a strange smell whenever you turn on your heater or air conditioner, this is a good sign the ducts need to be cleaned. Mildew and dust have very distinct odors, and will be very obvious. The air coming out of your HVAC system should be clean and odorless. 

Poor Airflow

When your air ducts get dirty or clogged, they won’t distribute air efficiently. If your HVAC system or kitchen hood doesn’t seem to be working as well, this could be a sign that the ductwork needs to be cleaned. Blocked ducts can not only be less effective, but they can also be a fire hazard just like dryer vents

Prevalence of Dust 

When you need air duct cleaning services, you may notice that your home has a lot of dust. This is because the HVAC is blowing the dirt and dust that has collected in the ducts out into your home. After a duct cleaning, you will most likely find yourself dusting much less often. 

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