If your home has a traditional or gas fireplace, it is essential that you keep it in good condition, and part of that is maintaining your chimney. A clogged chimney causes all kinds of issues and can be incredibly dangerous if it isn’t taken care of. Knowing the signs that your home needs chimney sweeping services can help you keep yourself and your family safe. 

Oily Spots

Oily spots on your fireplace walls can be a sign that your chimney is clogged and isn’t properly ventilating. When the smoke can’t escape from the top of the chimney, it sticks to the walls and turna into creosote. If you notice these spots, it is time to have a professional come and do a cleaning. 

Difficulty Starting Fires

You need plenty of oxygen flow to get a fire started in your fireplace. If your chimney is dirty, you won’t be able to get a fire started easily and could have trouble keeping it lit once you get it going. With a clean chimney, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping a fire going. 


Creosote has a very distinct smell. It will be very strong if it is allowed to build up in your chimney. If you smell odors near your fireplace that you haven’t noticed before, it is probably time for professional chimney sweeping services

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