If your home has a fireplace, you know how important it is to stay on top of its maintenance. While you probably only sweep your chimney in winter, summer is actually a great time to get it done. Knowing why summer is a good opportunity to get chimney sweeping services can help you make it a priority. 

Better Availability

If you wait until winter is approaching to get your chimney swept, you could end up having to wait a long time. Chimney sweeps are incredibly busy during this time and may not have the availability you need. Getting it done in summer ensures that you can get the services you need. 

Get Ready for Winter

Odds are, you don’t think about your chimney when the weather is warm. However, you want to be ready for when the temperatures start to drop. Getting your chimney swept now ensures that it will be ready when you need it most. 

Repels Pests

During the warmer months, your chimney can become a perfect dwelling for pests. Rats, mice, and raccoons can build nests in your chimney and attract all kinds of issues. Getting chimney sweeping services now prevents this and keeps them away from your home.  

Need Chimney Sweeping in Bellevue? 

If your home’s chimney needs to be professionally cleaned, call MK Home Services. The trained and experienced technicians provide chimney and gas fireplace services plus air duct, dryer and kitchen vent cleaning throughout King County. Our team is committed to prompt and reliable service so that you can enjoy your fireplace and have peace of mind. MK Home Services has the insight and equipment to meet any ventilation need your home has. Contact us today!

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Posted on May 19, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business